Friday, April 10, 2009

ఒంటిమిట్ట రామప్ప & తాళ్ళపాక అన్నమాచార్య

It is a historical place and has a 450 year old temple of Bhagawan Sree Rama.
The great Sri Rama devotee and composer Tallapaka Annamacharyulu is associated with this legendary temple. His native place is near this pilgrimage spot. The temple is also associated with the Ramayana-fame Jambuvanta.
This place is on the way from tirupathi to kadapa.
the village TALLAPAKA is also very near to this Ontimitta where in the TTD improvising the site as a memorable one.
The Temple at Ontimitta is a very ancient temple. French traveller Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (1605-89 A.D.)who visited the temple in 1652 A.D.described it as one of the most beautiful temples in India. The well known Telugu poet Bommera Pothana (1400-75 A.D.) had written the Ramayana in this village.
This is the place where the Kishkindakanda, one of the 07 kandas of Ramayanam happened

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