Friday, June 27, 2008


Then . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Now
Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw,
hero of India's victory in the 1971 war with Pakistan,

passed away early Friday morning, just after midnight at 00:30 am,

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw was 94 years old.

One of Indian Army's only two Field Marshals, the other being Field Marshal KM Cariappa,

Manekshaw had settled down in Coonoor in the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu soon after retirement.

His distinguished military career spanned not just four decades,

but also five wars, including World War II.

Field Marshal Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, MC,

to give him his full name and designation was born 3 April, 1914, in Amritsar, Punjab

to Parsi parents who immigrated to the Punjab from the small town of Valsad on the Gujarat coast.

Manekshaw married Silloo Bode on 22 April 1939. Silloo,

a graduate of Bombay's Elphinstone College,

Technically, Field Marshals do not retire, as the rank is conferred for life.
In the same way he is not DEAD.

May his parted soul rest in peace..

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